What kind of woman enters the Mrs. Illinois Pageant?

As it's following continues to grow every year, Mrs. America attracts increasing numbers of women of all ages, vocations, and backgrounds. The variety of women the pageant attracts in hardly surprising. There are auto mechanics and airline pilots, doctors and dentists, aspiring models and actresses, wives and mothers, as well as traditional homemakers. The one thing they all have in common is that they are married and have an eagerness.

Is there height requirement?

No. There is no height requirement to enter or win. Our state finalists have ranged in heights from 4’8” to 6’2”.

Do I have to have children?

No. Having children is not one of the basic requirements for entry. Several winners at the local and national levels haven’t had children.

Am I too old to win - Am I too young to win?

The judges are looking for a beautiful, well rounded, articulate woman. They are not asked to focus on age or length of marriage. In 2006 Mrs. Illinois/America Pageant the state finalists ranged in ages from 19 to 57.

Do I need performing talent?

No. We here at the Mrs. Illinois Pageant believe that being married is talent enough.



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Will I be judged on community service?

No. Realistically most married women are extremely busy with their careers and families; they are contributing to the community by virtue of serving their own families. While community service is stressed during the Mrs. Illinois/America reign there is no emphasis on community service in the actual pageant competition.

What’s included in the prize package?

The winner of the Mrs. Illinois/America title may receive a prize package approximately valued at over $15,000.00. Prizes may include the official Mrs. Illinois/ America crown, banner and trophy, an all-expense paid trip for an opportunity to compete for the title of Mrs. America. 14KT Gold and Diamond Necklace by James & Williams Jewelers, An Elegant Competition Gown designed by Alyce Paris, Personalized Stationery by Cline Printing, Ltd., Gift Certificate compliments of That Girl Boutique, Traveling Cosmetic Organizer by Caboodles, Memories to last a lifetime and more. . .

Is there an entry fee?

Yes. We encourage our city and county titleholders to raise the entry fee in their communities by acquiring “sponsors.” After all, they have been exclusively selected to represent all of the married women in their areas. The entry fee covers the cost of doing business such as renting a theatrical facility, designing sets and music, as well as printing, advertising and phone expenses. Space is provided in the official program book to recognize your supporters.

I’ve never entered a pageant before; do I have a chance to win?

Yes. Since our personal involvement starting in 1981, at least 14 women have won the title on their first try. Some have tried a second time while others have competed up to four years to win. It truly depends on the individual. Every one is given a fair opportunity to win!

What are the areas of competition?

Judging is based on 3 main areas of competition.

50% = Personal Interview - this is the only opportunity the judges will be able to see you up-close and in-person, speak to you, and get to know who you are as an individual. The interview will be with our entire panel of judges and they will ask you a range of questions mostly based off of your judge’s sheet or resume. This could include questions about your family, community involvement, passions, your career, your purpose for entering the pageant, etc. You are required to wear interview attire, and keep in mind, you will be sitting!

25% = Swimwear - you will be asked to model on stage in a one-piece swimsuit. This is a great opportunity to highlight your personal fitness and health as well as your poise and, most importantly, confidence! You don’t need a perfect body to do well in swimwear - confidence and attitude is key!

25% = Evening Wear - you will be modeling a floor-length evening gown of your choice and the judges will be looking at your poise, composure, and sense of style. It does NOT matter the price of the gown, it’s about the woman wearing it!

State Costume - the state costume is a requirement at Mrs. America and therefore we like to honor that tradition at the state level. You will be required to design and wear a costume that represents something about the state of Illinois - this will be worn during the “parade of contestants” to start the show! You will also be introducing yourself in your costume and explaining your reason for choosing it! This is a fun, colorful, and exciting part of the show, and though it has no official bearing on your score or who wins Mrs. Illinois America, the judges are ALWAYS watching!  ;)

Examples of costumes: The state bird, flower, insect, etc.; sports teams; famous people from Illinois; landmarks, and MORE! Use your imagination, be creative!

On-Stage Question / Husbands - your husbands are required to attend the pageant in support of their wives (this is a Mrs. pageant after all)! They are asked to wear a suit or tuxedo and will be on stage with you for a brief period of time. You will be asked a light, personal question about your relationship (i.e. tell us how you met, what is the sweetest thing he’s ever done for you, etc.) and then your hubby will have his opportunity to walk the runway! This is often the most fun and entertaining part of the show - no pressure, and not judged, so HAVE FUN! 

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